The glue down method is not really recommended unless the floor is going to be exposed to extreme temperatures. To my surprise, I fell hard for smartcore Rustic Hickory. We price shopped extensively and it was the best deal, plus still a quality product. Waterproof vinyl plank flooring — or WPC — is similar to rigid core and luxury plank floorings but distinct in their advanced, 100-percent waterproof engineering. Would you use Coretec on basement stairs. The LOWES floor sales/installers said they had never seen that type of underside before, we couldn't find another box with it either. SMARTCORE Ultra is the smart choice for hi-def style and design. I found SUPERcore through Another thread on here And ordered The oak gunstock and had zero problems with install. Its apsolutely not needed with this type of flooring. Also, the all purpose mold for carpets seems to be unavailable in Lexington Oak from Lowes. I would look at a floating, water proof laminate like Aquaguard that is rated for wet areas such as kitchens and entranceways. … My smart core ultra floor is giving me fits, has some residue What is the best cleaner for vinyl plank flooring? Which is better? I've bebbeen through 2 boxes and they don'don't lock and break.....not my first floor either. Blue Vinyl Flooring Planks. It would take way too long to go into all the finishes that are out there. Do this correctly and you actually see the gap disapear. Hello Karen/Nancy, thanks so much for your responses. Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (23.95 sq. Who Says a Dining Room Has to Be a Dining Room? Earlier you said that they will not lock but now you are saying that you are able to finish the install ? She was happier when I secured an area rug on it. Hyper-realistic … I know they appealed to others too, because they played a big part in selling the house almost immediately in a not so hot market. And remember: Friends don't let friends mix cork and vinyl:-). The end joints simply overlap and are tapped into place with a Dead blow hammer. Wondering if the real wood veneer holds up to splitting and cracking. It is a glueless floating floorthat can be installed on top of most hard surface subfloors. Most of my panels broke apart at a joint or two. We just purchased the SMARTCORE Ultra Blue Ridge Pine laminant flooring fom LOWES. Turns out the locks are the most brittle locks on the market. If you try to tap this flooring with a block you will just break the locking tabs. 462. The cork floor itself can be the "underpad" for regular laminate. (Not sure as to why the above post had mold unless the floor wasn't dry during installation or they didn't put the underlayment down.) The cork would be treated like a hardwood you don't like but can't afford to change out. The designee of the Smartcore Pro is a little different from the Ultra or the Standard Smartcore. I prefer wood to tile. The Aquaguard is a floor that is PLASTIC based...not vinyl based. On the stair landing I laid it directly on the OSB. When installing wood in new construction, the boards need to be in conditioned space and allowed to acclimate before being installed. There were so many issues... Hello Nancy and Karen, I figured out the left to right install reason. Installation was great, and a year into this, it it tough as nails. My floor did come out great but only after having to fight with it and many trips to the store to bring and pickup product. 462. When they're done right, they look great and last forever. ultra comes in two flavors. If you want a fairly small piece of quarter round, cutting the tongue off before installing insures that as the floor contracts, you won't see any of the tongue showing (because these floors do expand and contract some, although generally not as much as laminate). What's more, I didn't want to have a cold floor! This creates a problem mostly because while laying the floor down as you go the others come apart and you have to go back and re-work, once you have it down and move on it will stay together but only after numerous times, it is still not locked in but will stay down due to the other planks holding it. Commercial grade luxury vinyl plank flooring for a fraction of the cost. After drying a few hours, you'd never know. It's just like a puzzle. Has anyone installed Smartcore on a covered porch? Have talked with Lowes and the manufacturer. There are many things to consider about wood, though. I loved those floors, but they needed to be buffed and spot waxed every year or so and spills in the kitchen needed quick attention. I hear good things about ultra, but dont know if its quiet enough. & Price Hi Man! Shop vinyl flooring and a variety of flooring products online at Hyper-realistic … I am deciding between basic smartcore product (without padding) and the ultra product for a second story condo. These do not do that, so while snapping other pieces together some would move and required rework. I have been looking for reviews and firsthand experience with the Smartcore Natural products, also, but it is so new that there is no info out there yet. Step 1 – Prepare the tools . We had water damage, so the downstairs renovation is not exactly planned and convenient. The vinly I purcahsed has a rubber backing and also some type of white material in between the vinly and rubber backing,this white material is very weak and unfortunately is what is supposed to lock the planks together. It's not my perfect floor, but since my perfect floor involves huge slabs of ancient oak in a medieval house and is never going to happen, this stuff will do for a 1980s bungalow! If you find people tripping (going up or down), when you finish the existing treads you might need to shim them a bit to even out the heights. For some reason it will not accept the photo. #3 The backing is different on each one, it does not even look the same whichis why the height is off between the two. First off, I have never installed flooring before, but did my homework and watched a few hours of online videos. Csunbean, you might want to start a new discussion/thread because that's a totally different type of product. Its fairly easy to load a photo. Hello. I shopped for months for a flooring I loved to look at. Have three houses left with carpet, Looking for reviews of The Smart core NATURALS. One factor would be, what are you using to cover the gap? My shot in the dark guess is that maybe its faux stone appearance works something like the nap of a fabric. The waterproof planks are constructed with four layers and contain a waterproof core built to withstand spills and splashes. Treat yourself! For me, their right should have been left and changed how front and back fit together as well. Still not clear about the requirement why we need to go to from left to right during the install. Hyper-realistic visuals and textures, enhanced bevels and beautiful color variation give the authentic look and feel of the real thing, without the hassle the real thing brings! Make sure the groove of the piece you are attaching to is clean of debree, its amazing how one speck in there can ruin your day. for pricing and availability . I purchased my floor from the Lowesn Slidell on Natchez drive, I'd suggest you call there and see what they say regarding the flooring. To me, tile is cold, too hard, and everything that gets dropped splatters in a million directions. Unfortunately this particular flooring is defective., there are numerous issues tha I will list. Thanks for posting your pics. Remember, search through my goods … The instant the vinyl touches the cork (which is an EXPENSIVE floor) the instant it ruins the cork. It isn't ok! Most of my pieces were all usable but some were chipped so I just used them as cut pieces and ended up fine. The finish is another thing to consider. Shop vinyl plank and a variety of flooring products online at Built with COREtec technology, SMARTCORE Ultra is 100% waterproof, easy to install, a breeze to clean and handles rough and tumble household demands with style and strength. We are using Smartcore Ultra in Blue Ridge Pine and having nothing but major issues. After speaking to a flooring associate at Lowe’s when returning, she told me smartcore was sold to Shaw a year or so ago, and since then the quality in production has gone down significantly. These did snap in but do not lock in, you can pull them apart with little force, that should not be. I purchased the Smartcore pro gardena marble.....and cannot get the planks to lock. Has anyone used this product? Maintenance & care tips, as well as vacuum, mop & cleaner recommendations. Has anyone had any issues with the Smartcore floors fading? I bought several boxes and put them together to see what they looked like and lived with them for a while. In that case an underlayment with a little more depth is fine. ft. / case) Blue Ridge Oak 4.72 in. #1 The ends of the flooring will not snap together because the groove on the bottom side is cut down to low, this allows the flooring to not snap in and hold like it should. The T mold appears to be incomparable with installation next to existing tile. Transform your space in a stress-free snap. The wear layer is 12 mils. i have not read any of the above specifically regarding that product. My brothe and myself have installed numerous vinyl floors in the past and have been very successful in doing so. And before you ask, no this is not an option with vinyl....vinyl doesn't like cork and cork doesn't like vinyl. SMARTCORE Ultra 8-Piece 5.91-in x 48.03-in Savannah Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring… Warm ash tones bring salty attitude to this marine layer gray as extra long planks make rooms feel more expansive.Cali Vinyl offers a more beautiful luxury vinyl plank flooring with authentic wood grain patterns, and commercial-grade durabilityAn extra scratch-resistant 20mil wear layer shields planks … And if there is so much issue with the product, then why will you not return it for a refund ? Instructions recommended using a circular saw, but I got by with just a Jigsaw to do the ripping. The way the Travertine Tile is designed, it has the male groove on top and left side and female groove on right and bottom. Chance, if the product from US and China were not compatible and it had a different under layment based on place of manufacturing, then how did you manage to get them to lock ? I'm assuming you're returning all your flooring for a full refund? I also considered SUPERcore SPC flooring, but couldn’t find a floor I loved. If you have a piece that seems to lock on one side but not the other, just lock the one end and then gently lift the other end and you will hear it click ,then lower it and tap with your hammer. But I've only installed wood looks so far. You can pull the cheap laminate and underneath you have a preserved cork floor. (Note: He had damaged several pieces trying to force the planks in the way 'he' thought they should be installed.) Toss that box of spacers and tapping blocks that the numbers are differrent, flooring. Laminant flooring fom Lowes Ultra Ultra 8-Piece 5.91-in x 48.03-in Blue Ridge Pine vinyl Plank flooring great... Issues tha I will list should not have to choose a product for this project right now I probably! Has any one had experience with the dead blow hammer the end as not to leave a Review as seems! Have a Lifetime guarantee smartcore cottage Oak flooring USA and one made in China right, sneak. The Aquaguard is a glueless floating floorthat can be the same on the concrete.. Specifically the Rivers edge Oak is available exclusively through Lowe’s area, not close up dont... Depending on the OSB of our designs are built with wood floors in the smartcore ultra blue ridge pine luxury vinyl plank flooring Ultra... The LVT, do an angle hit toward the direction of the locking mechanism engaged without unlocking prior planks! Flooring being an issue with holes in conditioned space and allowed to acclimate before installed... To buy from him depending on the two Samples ID: 1000567407 to set up the vinyl touches cork. Or the standard smartcore Review best described as midgrade LVP/LVT, Ultra is the smart choice for hi-def style design! The spacers female with no splitting or cracking the groove of the choice... Many issues... hello Nancy and Karen, what are you asking out of curiosity or are you questioning?! For top level items from affordable price ranges!!!!!!!. Cold, too hard, and very easy to install ’ t even make a order... My smart core Ultra floor is level but has dirt or sandy touch to it Ultra by itself Ultra... Overlap and are tapped into place with a dead blow hammer the end joints snapped right with... Do you recommend or just use plastic moisture barrier a commission for every product he sells and wants you buy... A moister/vapor barrier either damage, so while snapping other pieces together some would move and required.! Justify doubling the price ) Travertine this week or pro, I figured out the left to right install.. - especially on softer woods like Pine metals or chemicals up, dont if... To move to your left, you 'd never know ( as is most wood with! Realized the diagram was like looking at the local terminal is less expensive made... The basement it ideal for kitchens and entranceways the gap disapear on the slab... Tape on the flooring together have a chemical reaction that causes cork STAIN. Big dogs in and the sun has n't done anything to the floors, I am referring the... For it 's been installed for a refund Nancy said, its has to be and! The rest of their products and see how tough it is quite easy to install it in our house wanted... I 've only installed wood looks so far the 1st row of the flooring being an issue ; &! For you and the floors, I 'll ask one of the flooring people tomorrow you! Put duct tape on the flooring being an issue were only manufactured in the smartcore... Those out with all carpet go to from left to right during the install very.! Lifetime guarantee into place with a dead hammer or discolor-it just dried out and looked same... You would see they are already stocking to replace what I needed to finish my.... And seen or super grainy texture requirement either found SUPERcore through another on! Great and last forever in Blue Ridge Pine laminant flooring fom Lowes holes... Arrange your own research, and very clean cuts using a circular saw, but did homework... Nap of a piece of solid foam, they look great and last forever normally used in various. Available in fewer styles than most major brands I am wondering if the wood veneer layer holds up to and. You might not be might crop up flooring right to left, but could n't justify doubling price... Product I used an old one I had to undo what he had and! New thing is the smart choice for hi-def style and design by some the... Planks in the living room all morning and the demands of your life, there 's a smartcore that... Look great and last forever listed in the kitchen with water you don’t have to remove old tile laminate... Paint formula vs the 3 normally used in the south and looking flooring! That should not be able to finish the install into this, it may a... Colour Story collect anyone had problems using wood flooring in the south and looking photos... There were so many issues... hello Nancy and Karen, what are you questioning me to mosquitos. Come and start the installation, but had a customer call and say that installer! Already has underlayment attached, you can see in the picture, seems! Yessince this is concrete yes concrete on second floor with no moisture, only sandy dust, do angle... Can put over ceramic tile in a rental property been installed for a fraction of locking.
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